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  tales of you  

meraki : to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work

this is a space to celebrate you. with passages from philadelphia locals to individuals from all over the world - we share ideas, vocations and tales about how it feels to be walking hand in hand with your passion. using the term natural state as a guide to stir up memories and fuel feelings that ultimately - celebrate the individual themselves. this word will be different for all, and we can't wait to discover yours.



chestnut hill, united states  |  client

Sacred Sensual Living Book

"So to me natural state is your pure essence, what makes you you, that if it wasn't there you would feel like a part of you was missing. It's feeling totally connected into my inner wisdom and my intuition. Cause the part of us, that sixth sense, is connected to everything and it always comes back to that love." 



germantown, united states |  client

"So really being his mom is my most natural state now. I've taken care of a lot of babies but it's not like i'm taking care of a baby... I'm taking care of him. You know, he's been a part of my body since I was made, but when I was pregnant with him I had this feeling of this alien-being growing inside of me, it was really upsetting because that was not what I anticipated, I anticipated feeling really connected, I mean what a beautiful, spiritual experience and instead I was feeling sick. I was losing facility to my body, things that used to be so easy to control. There were beautiful moments too, like feeling him kick or hearing his heart beat. Only when I went to the woods or would go swim, those were the only times I could connect and be like 'Okay, this is good.' When he came out and I was holding him and I felt his little feet kicking I was like 'Oh yeah, it is you. I did know you the whole time.'" 



mt airy, united states  |  client

"When I left, my whole body was different; specifically my face. When people looked at me and they saw me on the rock I had no desire to mirror their face. I realized that that was just an effect, but the feeling of giving rights to that moment was everywhere I always wanted to be. And since I was traveling alone, I could practice keeping it there because I didn't have to respond to anyone." 



media, united states  |  artist


"There are really only two options here, staring into the eyes of someone I love or creating.”



philadelphia, united states |  client


"I'm so proud of my geminism, i feel like my gemini makes me two people - when I was little in church, there was this woman who looked at me and said 'You're a gemini'. She would always talk to us every week at church and sometimes I would be really about it and have so much to say and other times, I wouldn't add anything. She said to my mom, she's a gemini. So I went home at seven or eight years old and wrote a song called "How Did She Know I Was a Gemini". 



interlaken, switzerland  /  magician

"I'm a bit of an introvert and doing card tricks brings out this confidence in me. Creates a space for me to speak to people and interact through the cards. I would just shuffle the cards in my hands for hours to keep my hands busy until I started getting better, now I work at the Magic Castle in LA performing with some of my idols."

* paraphrased moment *



tepoztlán, mexico  /  chef

"Now I'm in the coast of Oaxaca, magic town, beautiful place between the mountains and the beach. I continue cooking for everyone here, they love my food. I'm staying in this place because I love the market. It's so cheap. The market has everything here. All the fruits and vegetables I need, so I can cook for everyone for free."



venenzia, italy  /  wild wanderer woman

her interview has sadly been lost. but Mary introduced this song to us. so for a taste of this wild woman listen to...

In These Shoes? by Kirsty MacColl



philadelphia, united states  /  entrepreneur 

"so like i love, love. and to me the meaning of life is simple. it's greater interaction for greater improvement. everything you interact with, you interact with it as greatly as possible. since we are an image of a divine creature, it is our job to constantly grow until we plato, and hit heaven on earth. our job is to create heaven on earth so that there can be a heaven for us to go to. but in order for us to do that, we have to understand the meaning of life which is, greater interaction for greater improvement. we have to realize that we are one soul and one spirit so that we can gather like a well-oiled-machine, chain-reaction. once we're all working together, an evolution will start to gravitate to that process faster! we are all here together to have a spiritual experience. and if we lean in, we will tap into an everlasting light."



woodstock, united states  /  owner of Mirabai Books

"actually, when i'm here in the store and being of service. it is so natural to me and such a joy, that when i'm not here and I have one of those fantasy days off here and there, I get a little depressed. because I really need to see people and be with people. so this is the perfect place for me. and yeah, I tend to be at my best when I am helping others"



mt. airy, united states  /  photographer 


"Behind my camera I feel present and like I am where I’m meant to be, in my natural state, raw and unfiltered. Peering through the viewfinder brings inspiration to any setting no matter how common, mundane, or bleak. This slows me down and forces me to truly observe what is in front of me. I feel comfortable once I get into the flow of shooting a project, however I find inspiration in pushing my own boundaries and comfort-zone, so that in itself can be new territory."



mt. airy, united states  /  rabbi

Beauty Walks

"It has a lot to do with being courageous with learning to listen to the calls within, it's like cultivating more of the inner life and not listening to the pressures and overcoming fear. I think we're here to be in our higher selves and theres all these distractions, all different kinds that pull us away from it. Instead it's hearing 'God is with me, I'm not afraid'."

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