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natural hair guidance

Discovering your natural texture is discovering a piece of you.

No matter if your hair lies straight or in a soft wave, a bouncy plump curl or a perfect tight coil - you will learn that understanding the in's and out's of your pattern(s) will bring new life, help you understand that you are a piece of nature, and every hair-day will look different from the next. We will be here guiding you every step of the way on your journey to accepting and understanding the crown that lies on top of your head. 

Our goal with the 'Natural Hair Guidance' page is for our community to understand their hair beyond our chairThis page is a space to experiment, discover and celebrate your roots with a combination of knowledge and inspiration. 




The number one trick to definition and healthy curls is water! While styling be sure to keep it hydrated and wet to the best of your ability to ensure amplified results.

Wet to Dry Process



This type of product is going to be great for someone looking to add volume and plumpness to their hair in a light and airy way. For a product that does not add any weight, it has a whole lot of impact. Anyone leaning on the fine to medium side of the density wheel, this product is for you. As for Medium to Coarse textures, this will help add shine and elongate the curls just enough while still holding definition.


Something of this consistency is going to be perfect for someone looking to add an extra emulsifying layer after the conditioner has been washed out. Creams and Lotions tend to lye on the heavier side working as a great tool to clump for textures leaning on the medium to coarse wheel. Start with a little, you can always add more as you go.


If your hair is craving moisture and has a hard time retaining water, a leave-in will be a great choice for you. Wonderful for detangling in the shower while hair is still wet and getting soft definition at the same time. Works for all textures and densities, we recommend using this as needed!



They don't make it like they used to! See-through products like gel are the creme-de-le-creme of the curl experience. It will ALWAYS be the final product to use in your curly set. Adding this plays as the protective layer to all of the 'hair' work you've done so far. Binding together the clumps and coils to ensure a perfect set. Work this product from ends to mid shaft of all layers right before drying. If you're looking for shrinkage scrunch it up, if you're looking to elongate your curls - run it through or try adding it to a spray bottle with some water for application.

Styling Products


To Wash or Not to Wash?

The question we get asked most frequently, 'How often should I shampoo my hair?' The answer is, it's different for everyone! What we can offer you though, is advice on how to listen to your body tell you what it needs. If your hair lies on the denser side of the wheel and has a difficult time retaining water - you can go longer in between shampoos. Allowing more time in between will give your scalp a chance to create its own natural oils which will help hydrate the exterior of the hair shaft making it shinier and less frizzy. With finer to medium densities you may be battling with your 'greasiness'. All this is is sebum, an oily/waxy matter that lubricates the hair and scalp. Wavy to Bouncy Curl textures tend to produce more sebum, so in that case shampooing more often may be the answer for you. With this in mind, the main thing you want to listen for is an itchy scalp with an odor. If you begin to scratch and notice an odor protruding through your hair.. it is time for a good wash.

Keep in mind while washing to soak in water as long as you can, making sure the hair is completely saturated with water to the best of your ability. Start off with a firm massage using the pads of your fingers on your scalp while the water is pouring to etch out any dead skin or build up before adding product. Then add the Poo. While scrubbing, focus on the roots and spreading the product all over. A blob on the crown, the nape of the neck and the temple/side areas. Dip your head back in the water again to spread the product. Like we said earlier, it's all about the water! Then give it a good rinse out making sure all of the product is out before moving onto the next step.


the Myth on Cond-ish

Conditioner is one of the most versatile products if you find the right one for you! How to know if you're using the right one depends on how well it is detangling in the shower with water, wether your hair feels heavy or not once it has dried and how well your hair absorbs the product. The last two can be tied to the same feeling. If your hair is taking longer than usual to dry and feeling sticky/heavy during the process - your conditioner may be too heavy. If its feeling hydrated, less frizzy and easy to manage while drying, it's the right one for you. You want to be sure while applying the product, as always, that there is an ample amount of water. Pro Tip: If your hair is on the denser side of the wheel, consider taking a bath on wash days so you can soak your hair in water and dunk every bit into a bowl type setting so your hair remains saturated. Funky tip, but it works!

Maybe your hair is also feeling dry and needing a monthly boost of moisture and rejuvenation, use your conditioner as a conditioning mask! You can apply this to dry, damp or wet hair for an extended amount of time - over night even! Wash out completely when done and follow with a gentle shampoo to ensure all product is out. You can also create a Leave-In with your product by adding water and your conditioner to a spray bottle to refresh the curls the next day or in the mornings on the kiddos. If you find the right one, conditioner will be your best friend and can even double as a No-Poo Shampoo. We would recommend this to anyone who alternates between their average shampoo as well though.

Time to Celebrate You

"as iv'e gotten older, i've escaped the ravages of puberty and found confidence in my own skin. if i can wear less, care less and do less, and be accepting of my natural state, that's a positive thing." - Emma Watson 

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