natural hair guidance

Discovering your natural texture is discovering a piece of you.

No matter if your hair lies straight or in a soft wave, a bouncy plump curl or a perfect tight coil - you will learn that understanding the in's and out's of your pattern(s) will bring new life, help you understand that you are a piece of nature, and every hair-day will look different from the next. We will be here guiding you every step of the way on your journey to accepting and understanding the crown that lies on top of your head. The quiz below gives both you and I, a chance to look further at what your hair is asking for. After you submit your answers, you will receive and email containing individualized products which we believe should be in your own 'Personal Hair Package'. All products coming from reputable, local distributors keeping you safe from diverted products out on the web. In the package you will find the products specific for you and a hand written instruction list on how to apply.

Our goal with the 'Natural Hair Guidance' page is for our community to understand their hair beyond our chairThis page is a space to experiment, discover and celebrate your roots with a combination of knowledge and inspiration. 

barber cuts

Service is done with clippers, trimmers and scissors.







'curly to very curly'  

3a - 3c 

'very curly to coiled'  

4a - 4c 

the detox

If hair is feeling heavy and holding build up, use your detox shampoo to wipe out products and give hair a clean, fresh feeling before you begin your routine. Product gives hair a light and airy effect with a new bounce. Would recommend using every 1-2 weeks depending on hair density.

* If hair does not feel completely saturated with this product, dip head in more water to produce maximum coverage all over scalp *

no - poo

A true no-poo contains ZERO sulfates, silicones or oils to cleanse your hair. Used exactly like a traditional shampoo, but produces no suds. Product should always be completely rinsed out before next step.

* If hair does not feel completely saturated with this product, dip head in more water to produce maximum coverage all over scalp *


All textures crave water and moisture - the silkier the hair feels, the shinier it looks. Apply conditioner to soaking wet hair, if correct type, this will be the most beneficial to your hair. If there is wave/curl present, begin scrunching the hair in an upward direction with conditioner is in the hair. Rinse out completely or leave 10-15% still in to work as leave-in conditioner.

product application tip #1

Apply your styling products in the shower to SOAKING WET HAIR. NO SQUEEZING OUT OR TOWEL DRYING FIRST. Water + Product = Shine.

the mousse / foam

Apply your recommended mousse/foam from roots to ends making sure each part of your hair is completely saturated with it. Amount of product is scaled to your density (amount of hair per square inch. More Hair = More Product). Complete the application with scrunching upwards with hands beginning to form your pattern. Hair should feel full and filled with life.


Apply your recommended cream 2 inches from the scalp, all the way to the ends. Products like these contain fatty acids which nourish and soften hair strands for a conditioning, filling effect. Like always, scrunch up while applying.


Apply your recommended gel all over hair strands - mid lengths to ends. Gel products give controlled definition without the crunch if done correctly. Make sure the hair feels saturated with water and previous products  before applying. Scrunch up with hands and listen for the infamous squishy sneaker sound.

drying agent

Drying agents include paper towels, micro-fiber towel or cotton t-shirt. Use one of these materials to slowly and mindfully blot the excess water from your hair. Catching the ends in your agent and lifting all the way up to your roots. Head can be flipped over to enhance volume while blotting.


Dry your hair by air drying or using a blow dryer with diffuser attached. You will find that keeping the dryer at a low speed and cool to medium temperature will promote the least amount of frizz. Continue until completely dry for full bodied effect.

personal touch


Now shake it up, define the days part and celebrate your crown.

'open wave to curly'  

2a - 2c 

"as iv'e gotten older, i've escaped the ravages of puberty and found confidence in my own skin. if i can wear less, care less and do less, and be accepting of my natural state, that's a positive thing." - Emma Watson 

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