creation consultation


cre·a·tion : the action or process of bringing something into existence
con·sul·ta·tion : the action or process of formally consulting or discussing with an expert to seek advice

'a reflection of you'

You asked, now we have it! We have officially begun a class on applying different makeup techniques to simplify your routine! With lessons on concealer, mascara, lips and many more application processes to enhance the beauty of you.

* For the makeup workshop, please bring your daily lotion, makeup bag including all facial products and application brushes and tools *

All workshops can be tailored for in our studio or online through a ZOOM Portal. With group sizes ranging from 1 to 12 people, the choice is yours! Gather a group of friends and family for an Online Happy Hour with Natural State or join a mass group and work together with others around the neighborhood or world!

we'll guide, you lead

workshop options

'covid - cleanup'

Looking for someone to hold your hand while cleaning up either your own hair or your partners? Join us in a virtual session with guidance on how to clean up either your hair cut or hair color live! With step by step instructions lets go live together!

* You will need a sharp pair of hair cutting scissors, styling cream/pomade/wax and a comb for this workshop *

'discover the root'

Have you ever wondered what the nature of your hair is doing under all of the forced heat? Join this class for step by step guidance from wet hair, to applying the products to which scrunching method and ending with the right drying process for your texture.

* Come to the workshop with a large bowl filled with water, all products handy, paper towels/micro-fiber towel, blow dryer + diffuser *

'iron reform'

Offers an opportunity to learn how to preform a soft beach wave on your hair! We will guide you on how to use your own tools and products to create this effortless look.

* Have a curling iron, flat iron, wand handy and warmed up. Bring all styling products heat protectant, oils, dry shampoos, hair sprays, pomades. You will also need at least 1 clip *

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