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We don’t believe your hair should be subject to traditional identities, so you won’t find gender-specific services on our menu. Choose the service that best suites you.

child + teens services


barber cuts

Service is done with clippers, trimmers and scissors.

barber style cut  50
barber style cut + design 65

barber style cut + beard service 55
beard service 30
beard service + facial 50

salon-style cuts

Haircut done on all lengths with or without a wash/style. This allows for better individuation and personalized cutting.

dry cut 70
cut + wash 80
bang trim 5

our curly crowns

Specialized services for wavy + curly + coiled textures. Wash includes detailed instructions on the right products for you and steps on your washing process.

dry curl cut  80
maintenance curl dusting  60
curly cut + wash + set (fine to medium density)  100
curly cut + wash + set (fine to medium density) 110


ammonia free color

using precious nature's ammonia free hair color we can achieve it all. 100% gray coverage, up to three levels of lift and guaranteed shine and luster.

touch up  70
single process  90
global glaze  60

lightening services 

whether you need balayage for a natural, sun-kissed look or highlights to achieve a full blonding experience or a little bit a both, you'll find it in our lightening services. each service is customizable to the clients needs and can be discussed during the consultation. 

* these are starting prices with corresponding allotted product use. any extra bowls due to density and length will be $10 extra *

chunk of color 60
face frame blonding 60
partial blonding 150
global blonding 200
lift and tone 120

child + teens services

All of our child and teen services will reflect the prices shown throughout our service list. We value quality work and believe each service should have the same time and energy spent for all.


Tell us your vision and we'll create it for you.

blow out   50
wash + blow out + iron finish (fine to medium) 65
wash + blow out + iron finish (medium to thick density)  85

natural curl set + fluff  55
updo  70

creation consultation

Lets work together on creating the look you have in mind through styling. Schedule a creation consultation to come in and work on your hair yourself. Lessons including how to set your natural curl, give yourself a blow out or style your hair with an iron. We'll guide, you lead.

one hour per session 60

Brows & Waxing

our waxing material has three active ingredients - lemon, water and sugar making it less irritating for sensitive skin. you can receive private, full body sugar waxing services in our small bungalow space.

facial waxing

brow / lip / chin  10 each

brow tint  10

brow lamination  60

sugar body waxing

facial waxing 10

under arms 25

arms (half) 70

arms (full) 90

legs (lower) 40

legs (upper) 45

legs (full) 85

inner thighs 20

back (full) 75

brazilian 65

bikini line 35

stomach strip 10

full butt 40

butt strip 15


Allow yourself to melt in this intuitive touch massage with an intentional healing purpose. You'll be accompanied by soft soothing sounds and smells to send you into a deep relaxation. Our hope is for you to leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for all you do for this world.

60 minute massage 100

90 minute massage  140

we guarentee your happiness

Here at Natural State we strive to have open communication with our community and staff about policies and concerns. We understand that getting your hair done sometimes causes discomfort in the first few days after service. This is why we guarentee every service for two weeks after the appointment. With no charge we will do our best to help fulfill your hair goals. Please reach out to us through email as this is our best form of communication. 

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